Yumlish Podcast with Trainer Kristen!

As we adjust to this new lifestyle, in the post coronavirus time, are there ideal exercises for diabetes or even pre-diabetes? In this episode, Yumlish speaks to Kristen Hawkinson to learn if exercise is good for diabetes and its importance, how much exercise is optimal, and indoor and outdoor exercises to keep us moving and flexible.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Kristen Hawkinson has been living in Texas for the past 21 years. Her goal is to educate people on the benefits of the movement, debunk the myths out there about exercise taking too much time or having to be rigorous. She strives to reach as many people possible to get them moving so they reap the rewards of being healthy, and feeling accomplished, energized and confident!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Importance of exercising for people with Diabetes.
  • Time to get into exercise mode.
  • How can people workout outside during the COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Different exercises that can be done at home during Quarantine
  • Materials available at home for these exercises
  • Importance of stretches and ways to improve your flexibility

Listen now!


Read Kristen’s blog post and follow along with exercise videos for Diabetes here!

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