14-Day Quarantine Program

What to expect

  • Intermediate level (modifications and intensifications often provided)
  • Medium Impact
  • 14 20-30 minute workouts 
  • HIIT, strength training, yoga, and stretching
  • Mark each workout as completed and be in touch with Kristen!

You even get access to Trainer Kristen’s video library if you feel frisky and wanna branch out and experiment!

In an ideal world, you would complete the 14-day program in 14 days. However, you get extra time to complete the program, because you know. Life Happens. So don’t fret – you’ll have six weeks to complete or repeat the program as you like!

How it works

Enter your measurements, add photos, and weigh-in.
Follow the program each day, mark complete and rate your workout.
Kristen reads your feedback and stays in touch to keep you motivated.

Ready to get started?

In an ideal world, you would complete the 14-day program in 14 days. However, you get extra time to complete the program, because you know. Life Happens. So don’t fret – you’ll have six weeks to complete or repeat the program as you like!

14-Day Quarantine

$ 49 /person
  • Purchase the program.
  • Monitor and track your progress online.
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Strength Training, Core Work, Stretching, and Yoga
  • Access to Trainer Kristen’s video library.
  • Access to TK Online Forums to connect with other members!
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TrainerKristen Testimonials

I am not somebody who gets excited about exercise. BUT, I know and feel the benefits from my workouts with Kristen. Her fun and positive attitude always makes me keep going.

Ben F.

I started Kristen’s TK90 Program in summer of 2019. I was never consistent with exercise and I never found something that was really fun to keep me going. NOW I sometimes even get up earlier to do my workout despite the fact that I‘m not a morning person at all! My goals were to get healthier overall, lose some weight and gain strength for ski season in Switzerland! I have gotten much stronger, I have lost more weight than I ever thought I would lose, and my skiing has been awesome this season! I feel better, healthier overall and have more energy too!
Kristen provides a great, customized workout program especially for me and my needs and motivated me from the beginning to keep going and try new things. She gives me feedback on all of my comments on the workouts and she had become part of my daily life despite the fact that we live on different continents!
What’s unique about Kristen is her positivity, her smile, and her passion. To be honest, I was not sure if online training was going to work for me, but I tried and it is so much fun and so easy to do. You don‘t need much space or time and you don’t even need to leave your flat. That makes it really easy to do your workouts every day. I really appreciate Kristen’s daily feedback and how she supports and motivates me. I just love her videos and that she also shares parts of her life with us on these videos too! She always gives suggestions for modifications and helpful tips. Also, the variety of videos is just awesome!
I think you just have to try it out and see for yourself how easy it is to move regularly. Even if it is just a short workout, it feels so good to do something and to see how you‘re doing better and how it gets easier every week. After the first workout, which contained a lot of squats, I could barely walk the next day and now I‘m doing sometimes some squats just for fun while waiting for a tram!

Corinne B – TK90 & Challenges

When I started working out with Kristen, I needed someone to keep me accountable and encourage me to incorporate fitness into my life. As we’ve worked together over the last few years, I’ve become stronger and more confident in my abilities. I’ve set hard goals for myself, and I’ve achieved them. Kristen is encouraging, resourceful, and a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm for fitness not only is evident in her commitment to her clients, but also is contagious.

Courtney H – TK30, DIY & Challenges

Kristen and I go back 5 years now – when she started training me in person in preparation for my wedding. We reconnected last year when she kicked of her website with a Challenge. I participated in the Challenge then started her online program right after!
I needed something to ramp up my workout routine and also keep me accountable. The TK90 program was exactly what I needed to start working out 6 days a week and to make it part of my routine! Kristen is great to work with in person and through her online programs. She makes each workout fun and reminds you why you’re doing it!
I completed by TK90 program and have been doing the basic DIY training for a few months now and am proud of the results. I have become much stronger and seen a couple inches fall off in the process! It’s also been impactful for my mental well-being.
Needless to say, the TK90 program is one of the best investments I have made for myself both physically and mentally. I highly suggest it as well as the DIY subscription!

Elise S – TK90 & DIY