TK90 Ultra

What to expect?

Kristen has been training people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels for well over 20 years! You will receive her expertise through the customized workout program she creates just for you. You will also receive her encouragement, motivation, accountability, and coaching to ensure you reach your goals through your one-on-one call EVERY week! Working with an online personal trainer provides several benefits to anyone with a busy schedule, those who travel often, those intimidated by gyms, or anyone who desires the accountability to get results, but prefer to workout on their own, in their own space, on their own time.

Kristen has established a comprehensive questionnaire to assess your goals, limitations, environment, equipment, likes, dislikes, time commitment and more. You also have the option to perform baseline testing and assessments for strength, endurance, and posture. We encourage you to enter your weight, measurements, and photos in your account profile to establish your starting point. With this information, Kristen designs a program specifically for you that balances cardiovascular endurance, strength and mobility training. Her fun videos serve as your guide for proper form and introduce you to exercise combinations and sequences throughout your weekly workout routines.

How it works

Apply to be a part of the TK 90 Ultra Program. Kristen only accepts 3 clients at a time for this unique system.
Once you are accepted, you will have your 1:1 consultation with Kristen.
Start your 90-day program with accountability and motivation from Kristen!

How it works

The first 30 days. Your workout routine for the week is set up based on the amount of time you are willing to commit, and you will perform that weekly routine for the first 30 days. During subsequent calls with Kristen, you’ll discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments in order to meet your needs best.

The next 30-days. Kristen prescribes a new weekly workout program, and the 2nd weigh-in with measurements and photos is encouraged to track your progress from the start.

The last 30-days. You’ll receive your final weekly workout routine, again with weigh-in, measurements, and updated photos added to your profile if desired.

At the end of your 90 days, you may perform the endurance and strength testing and posture assessments and do your final weigh-in and measurements to gauge your improvements!

At this point, you may choose to commit to another 90 days in the TK90 Ultra Plan, or graduate to the TK90 traditional plan where Kristen will continue to provide your workout routines, but you hold yourself accountable and are intrinsically motivated to continue to elevate your health and fitness.


You'd be lucky to get in

$ 500 /mo
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Workouts based on a detailed questionnaire and your consultation
  • Optional baseline testing, assessments and measurements
  • 90-day plan created just for you 30 days at a time
  • Monitor and track your progress online
  • Held accountable by Kristen with encouragement and coaching provided
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls and check-ins
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TrainerKristen Testimonials

When I started working out with Kristen, I needed someone to keep me accountable and encourage me to incorporate fitness into my life. As we’ve worked together over the last few years, I’ve become stronger and more confident in my abilities. I’ve set hard goals for myself, and I’ve achieved them. Kristen is encouraging, resourceful, and a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm for fitness not only is evident in her commitment to her clients, but also is contagious.

Courtney H.

When I first starting training with Kristen I wasn’t sure what goals I was trying to achieve as I tested the waters of long distance running. Through her knowledge, accountability, genuine excitement for her clients, and even her push to get me to make yoga part of my routine, I’ve gone from completing my first half marathon, to now finishing over 12 Ultra distance races. Even through an injury, we continued making progress and she adeptly adapted to my temporary limitations. With Kristen, there is no limit to your personal growth.

Kyle R.

I have worked with Kristen for many years and consider her both a trainer and a friend. My workouts with Kristen make me accountable so that I can’t push exercise to “later.” Kristen’s workouts are very client-specific and she is great at modifying them to “work around” limitations when needed. In addition to the physical benefits of the workouts themselves, Kristen is a born encourager. She is great about reminding me of what I have done and can do, rather than what I have not done.

Kitty H.

I have been training with Kristen since 2015. She is always changing it up. I have lost 25 pounds, and she helps keep me there. My muscle tone is great, and the stretching exercises keep me loose. Her happy spirit and bright face always keep me looking forward to our workouts!

Eric S.

Her positive and kind approach has been very motivating. I feel more confident in the gym and definitely have tried things that I would never have done on my own. I feel stronger and she has inspired me to achieve my fitness goals.

Heidi W.

Since taking Yoga from Kristen, my joints feel better, and my energy has improved. I like the way Kristen designs the yoga around me, for example when I have an issue with a certain muscle she works that into the routine, impromptu! She is very knowledgeable about her subject. I enjoy working with Kristen very much!

Jeananne S.

I have been a client for 2 years. I began working with Kristen at 73 and had experienced limited success in sticking to an exercise regimen. I have increased my strength and flexibility. Balance is significantly improved. She works on core and stamina. In addition, she concentrates on areas that are problematic for her clients. My toes were stiff and tight. By stretching and concentration we have really opened them up. It may seem like a small thing but it has greatly improved my walking comfort and stability.

Joe Marie L.

Kristen has been a life saver!! I came to her with a desire to continue my current vigorous cardio routine but knew that my posture and weak core were leading to a possible injury. She was able to, in just a few short weeks, increase not only my core strength but to help me gain full awareness how to approach exercises with my upper body. This has catapulted me into working out in a way I never thought possible! Her positive energy is ultimately the best part of my relationship with her!

Kamilia S.

I started with Kristen because my body felt tight, and not in a good way. Kristen’s weekly deep stretch sessions have made my aches and pains lessen. My stiffness has decreased and my range of motion has increased. I look forward to my stretch routine, sitting in each pose so that my body can relax and become stronger.

Kari H.

Pilates with Kristen makes me feel better all over. Though, there are always those days you don’t want to do it. Kristen’s encouragement, laughter and interesting questions always draw me back in!

Laree H.

I constantly struggle with my weight. Yet Kristen is always positive, motivating, and tough (when she needs to be), to help me get back on track with exercise and food management. We have been working together for years; but Kristen keeps our workouts fresh by having me try new things. I never would have tried Pilates or yoga without Kristen’s guidance! Plus, during times when I have had injuries, Kristen has helped me regain strength and flexibility. She truly is a rock star in my life!

Michelle R.