Summer Shape-Up Challenge

Summer Shape-Up Challenge

What we did for this Challenge each day:

  • Completed a daily Trainer Kristen 25-30 minute video.
  • Set a personal daily step goal.
  • Worked on weekly nutrition goals.

TK Summer Challenge RecapJoin us next time!

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In their own words…

This time around, my confidence level really improved. 🙂 Thanks for your positive vibes and keeping it real in the videos. Doing the videos feels like working out with a friend. ~ Kirsten G

I lost 10 pounds since I started the TK workout programs. I feel much stronger, confident and fit. I have much more endurance and absolutely less bloated. I want to keep this up! I think you are so supportive and encouraging! ~ Anna B

I feel great! It was just what I needed to get me headed in the right direction. I feel like I am stronger after completing the challenge, and lost a few inches and pounds! ~ Amy M

I have more energy for sure. I feel stronger, especially in my hips. I feel my metabolism accelerated.  The nutrition component was really key and easy to follow and the FB group kept me on track. ~ Tori W

I lost some inches in my waist (wahoo) but mostly I just feel better! More energy, happier in my body, better sleep! It was great! I loved marking workouts as complete and getting responses from Kristen, that was a great way to stay accountable. I obviously loved it as I’m already on to the 14-Day Quarantine Program! ~ Laura P

I’ve lost 7 lbs, have more energy, and just feel great from doing the 14 days in a row. I have found that what is motivating is having a goal and needed to let someone know I’ve completed the goal. I have a hard time doing that for myself. ~ Sylvia J

You’re incredible! I love your workouts because of the switch up of videos and challenging different parts of my body! Your energy and direction come through wonderfully during the workouts. Love that I can take the excuses off the table given the workouts are under 30 mins. ~ Mary M

I feel more toned and inspired to keep going again with working out. I’m really happy my mom did it and is getting in better shape also. ~ Brie N

I lost about 8 lbs in 2 weeks! Definitely felt an improvement in strength and endurance during the videos from week 1 to week I love your honesty and enthusiasm. The whole program felt very approachable and adaptable to my own level of commitment and fitness aptitude. It was refreshing and not intimidating. Your encouragement, sincerity, and authenticity was very apparent and shined in the videos. I felt like we were buddies and I appreciated the follow-up notes on the workout videos. ~ Megan L

I have more energy and better sleep. I lost 2 lbs and 2.5inches in the 14-Day Challenge! The combo of sugar elimination and workouts was helpful to be intentional about food choices and the survey after each workout was good to help assess the feeling and the connection with you! ~ Shameka Y

I feel better! Reduced bloating & more energy! And like I want to continue! Because for me, I get interrupted with the schedules of 3 kiddos and when I skip a day of workouts I get discouraged. ~ Robin S

By the end of the challenge, I had more energy, less bloating, better sleep. I’m down 7 pounds! And I think you’re fantastic! ~ Nicole U

I loved the daily emails from Kristen. I also found that I really liked the Facebook page, which I didn’t think I needed. At first, I didn’t think I was that committed to sugar and gluten, but then I felt great exploring and learning about my diet.  I saw a big improvement in my mood when I started my day with a workout. I was less bloated and felt much better in my clothes.  I feel great! My body feels way stronger and healthier. I learned to be better about food and meal prep. It kick-started my fitness routine. ~ Madisen J