Summer Shape-Up Challenge

It’s time for the Summer Shape-Up Challenge!

July 2020. Wow. What can I even say? As crazy as the world is around us right now, our health and well-being are still a priority. Taking care of ourselves is key for having a strong immune system, for injury prevention, for feeling energized, maintaining a healthy weight, and especially for our mental health.  Feeling good physically and emotionally allows us to efficiently go about our daily activities, complete our missions, support others, and stay sane no matter what is going on around us!

This is where I come in! As a leader in the fitness field, I am bound and determined to get as many people as I can MOVING now and always! I long for everybody to experience life when your body is functioning on all cylinders which makes you feel strong, invigorated, and confident!

July 13-26, 2020 | $35 per person
Includes an exclusive Trainer Kristen yoga strap and circle band!

(Use code USEMINE at checkout to save $10 and use your own equipment.)

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Summer Shape-Up Challenge

To do this challenge you will

1. Complete a daily Trainer Kristen 25-30 minute video.

We are using a resistance circle band AND a yoga strap in ALL of the 14 videos. The cost is $35 to participate in the Challenge AND purchase the equipment from me. OR you can use the code USEMINE, when you register to get $10 off if you have a circle band and yoga strap already.

Set your own personal step goal based on your schedule and your goals!

2. Set a personal daily step goal.
3. Work on weekly nutrition goals.

These 3 aspects of this Challenge are meant to get you used to moving every day, get excited about working on building muscle, and increase your awareness of the food you are eating and how your body responds to it. We will use our private Facebook group as a place to communicate, share wins, struggles, recipes, daily video links, AND accountability!

Share this page to recruit your family and friends for further accountability, community, and FUN – or purchase a gift card to give them to join you in the challenge! We will email you their special coupon code with instructions on how to redeem it.

Let’s do this!

Engagement and interaction in the Challenge Facebook group with other participants and with Kristen is GREATLY encouraged. The inspiration and motivation from others make a big difference in your actions, therefore, your results.

If you diligently follow this Challenge, you can expect to feel better, have more energy, lose a few inches, and may even lose between 2-8 pounds, which definitely increases our self-confidence levels!

It’s more fun together: Buy a Challenge Gift Card for a Friend

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Once you sign up online, you will receive an invitation to the private Facebook group, a healthy food list, and a Challenge Checklist to mark off each category for each day! So buckle down, fill your fridge with healthy yummies, pull out your exercise mat and let’s get this party started!

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