What to expect?

You will receive a customized workout program, encouragement, motivation and accountability to ensure you reach your goals.

TrainerKristen offers personal training programs for clients throughout the US and across the globe. Working with a personal trainer remotely provides several benefits to anyone with a busy schedule, those who travel often, those intimidated by gyms, or anyone who lives outside of the Dallas area.

Kristen has established a comprehensive questionnaire in order to assess your fitness level, goals, limitations, environment, equipment, likes, dislikes, time commitment and more. Based on this information, she prescribes a program specifically for you with her fun videos to guide you through your weekly workout routines.

Special attention is placed on your goals, personal health and fitness background, any injuries you have to work around, daily/weekly schedule, access to workout equipment, etc.

How it Works

Complete the questionnaire and online forms.
Enter your measurements, add photos, and weigh-in.
Kristen reviews your info and designs a workout routine just for you.

Ready to get started?

Great! The Online Training program created just for you is available for $200 per month and includes everything outlined to the right. Instead of paying $120 per hour for a live personal trainer, several times per week, you can reap the benefits of customized workout plans, variety, and fun workouts for just a few dollars per day.

Online Personal Training

$ 200 /mo
  • Workouts based on a detailed questionnaire
  • 90-day plan created just for you 30 days at a time
  • Monitor and track your progress online
  • Held accountable by Kristen and provide your feedback
  • 3-month minimum subscription
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TrainerKristen Testimonials

When I started working out with Kristen, I needed someone to keep me accountable and encourage me to incorporate fitness into my life. As we’ve worked together over the last few years, I’ve become stronger and more confident in my abilities. I’ve set hard goals for myself, and I’ve achieved them. Kristen is encouraging, resourceful, and a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm for fitness not only is evident in her commitment to her clients, but also is contagious.

Courtney H.

I started working out with Kristen about 2 years ago. I have struggled with my weight for the past several years and needed desperately to lose the weight and get healthy. Having a consistent program that Kristen had created for me has worked wonders. I am happy to say, I am down 100 pounds and am continuing to lose weight. I can see a huge increase with my flexibility and I am eager to try new things. I have so much more energy and confidence within myself. I owe a lot of that to Kristen with her encouraging me and motivating me along the way. She makes working out fun and meaningful!

Stacey E.

I have been training with Kristen since 2015. She is always changing it up. I have lost 25 pounds, and she helps keep me there. My muscle tone is great, and the stretching exercises keep me loose. Her happy spirit and bright face always keep me looking forward to our workouts!

Eric S.

I constantly struggle with my weight. Yet Kristen is always positive, motivating, and tough (when she needs to be), to help me get back on track with exercise and food management. We have been working together for years; but Kristen keeps our workouts fresh by having me try new things. I never would have tried Pilates or yoga without Kristen’s guidance! Plus, during times when I have had injuries, Kristen has helped me regain strength and flexibility. She truly is a rock star in my life!

Michelle R.