Bavana & Rajeev – The Dedicated Lovebirds

It’s about the journey and the experience, rather than being perfect. But if you persist with the journey, you will definitely meet the goal.



My online business has allowed me to meet so many amazing new people as well as reconnect with people from my past, which I love so much! In August I received the BEST text from Bavana, whom I met at a yoga retreat in Bali a few years ago.

“I am ENGAGED!” she exclaimed, and told me the entire heart warming story about reconnecting with Rajeev after meeting over 10 years ago when the timing just wasn’t right. NOW, they are getting married January 2021. Yahoo! And they want me to be their online trainer! For now, she is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and he is in Rochester New York. We got Rajeev on the phone right then and there. We discussed their goals, their schedules, their likes, dislikes etc. And VOILA, within a couple days they were off and running with their individual TK90 workout programs!

Their dedication to their workouts and each other has been inspiring and even brought tears to my eyes when they sent me these workout photos and this unsolicited testimonial!

Words From Rajeev 

Following the TK90 program has been awesome. I have never done a personal training program before and so when my fiancée, Bavana, mentioned that her friend was a personal trainer who she had worked with. I was game to try.

The online format is ideal and Kristen’s website and daily emails help us to keep up with training and results are very motivating. The exercise regimen is tailored to individual ability and goals, which is ideal for those looking for results in a timely fashion. 

Trainer Kristen makes workouts fun, doable, and effective. I have seen visible results in my stamina and body shape by day 40 of the 90-day routine. It has been great doing this program with my fiancée as we motivate each other to finish our workouts and encourage each other to be consistent and listen to our bodies during our workout as to not overdo it and be safe in keeping with the Trainer Kristen philosophy. It’s about the journey and the experience, rather than being perfect. But if you persist with the journey, you will definitely meet the goal.


Bavana and I find this is as much a great philosophy to follow for life as it is for training. I definitely have much more stamina, strength, better posture, increased flexibility and am much happier after starting the regular TK90 routine 5 days a week with two days of rest. The TK90 program has allowed me to not only strengthen myself, but also has allowed Bavana and I to work towards a new goal of wellness and healthy living as a couple, while having fun and enjoying the journey together. We also look forward to giving each other well deserved massages after a good workout and helping each other deepen our stretching, which furthers our connection. Doing the TK90 workout as a couple, definitely strengthens our relationship along with our bodies. Thanks Kristen! 

Bavana is the Program Director for the Center for Coronary Artery Disease (CCAD) at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Rajeev is a highly skilled vitreoretinal surgeon at the Flaum Eye Institute in the University of Rochester. He is also Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. They live full & busy lives, but appreciate the importance of making time for their health and fitness. I am humbled they chose me to whip them into shape, and I couldn’t be more proud of these two lovebirds.

Consistency is key. Your intensity can be high or low. Your skill level can be easy or athletic.  I can help you find what is best for you, your body and your lifestyle. Find further details about the TK90 program and other TK options HERE.  Ready to feel energized, accomplished, alive and confident? Let’s Do This!