Basic DIY Training is Changing to TK Flex!

The Basic DIY membership with is changing identities to TK Flex on January 1. 2022! Read on to learn more and lock in your Founding Member rate of just $24.95/month!

“We have new features coming to bring you fresh motivation which will renew your commitment to your health and fitness with me! In order to advance to continue to give you the BEST online fitness experience, the rates will be increasing.” ~ Trainer Kristen

Current DIYers – $24.95/month* for TK Flex, locked in forever!
Since you were an early adopter and supporter, your monthly rate is STAYS THE SAME with no further commitment for a long-term membership. YES!

*Should you leave your current membership at $24.95/month and decide to come back at a later date, your new rate would be the going rate at that time. You would lose your Founding Member rate of $24.95/month forever. So dramatic, I know!

New TK Flex Members – Starting January 1, 2022, the new rate will be $49/month**
** The rate for NEW members will be $49/month with a 6-month membership commitment.

This means all you Founding Members receive a savings of $288/year! What a deal and a big thank you for being with me from the TK early days.

Sooo… if you are no longer a TK member, this is your final chance to come back (you know you miss me) and lock in at the $24.95/month rate. Starting Saturday, January 1, 2022 – there is no going back. The new rates will be posted – signed, sealed, and delivered!

What are the new features, you ask?


My Activity Page

Now in your dropdown menu! This is so FUN! It tracks all of your TK video metrics and sets goals for you to reach each week as set by the American Heart Association. Cardio, strength, and mind/body are all included to ensure you maximize your workouts for your overall health! You even have the ability to enter your workouts outside of Woot woot!


TK Nutrition

A yearlong email series that will come straight to your inbox. You’ll get nutritional education and recipes each month for 12 months!

Low Impact HIIT Option

Low Impact HIIT

In addition to a medium or high impact – every day that your emailed workout includes HIIT video. This way to can listen to your body and decide with intensity level is best for you from day to day!

Earn Special TK Badges for Milestones!

Earn special TK badges for milestones achieved!

This is the best time to convince your friends and family to join you in your TK fitness journey!

Lock in my Founding Member Rate of $24.95/month

(Hurry! This offer expires December 31, 2021!)