Spring Challenge Recap

Wow, what a Spring Challenge!

79 ladies from 3 different countries and 7 different states all came together with the single goal of moving, getting stronger, improving our eating, and being part of a community. We did our Challenge program which consisted of 12 videos, one a day for 12 days. Our finale was a Facebook Live class at the end of April. The group voted on a Yoga/Pilates combo class and we had a lot of fun with that one! Families joined in the fun and did the videos together. Yep, even the hubs!

Here’s a video recap from photos submitted during our Photo Challenge. So fun!

We jumped, crunched, planked, lunged, dipped, and squatted.  Some of them tried Pilates and yoga for the first time. Their willingness to try new things humbled me. By their comments, their favorite move was definitely STAR jumps! They laughed at me and they cursed me. That means I did my job! Most importantly, they got going in the right direction regardless of what they were doing for the previous weeks or months. They left the Challenge feeling strong, accomplished, more confident, and energized!

Keep going ladies! Looking forward to the next Challenge already!

Spring Challenge Recap

Challenge Testimonials

teI am so impressed with Kristen. She is the real deal. Professional, motivating, fun, and so damn cute. Great variety of workouts too! Peggy H

I love the plie series. I’m sad the challenge is over. I definitely feel stronger and more toned! Brie N

Best 12 days of my 36 days of quarantine! Noodles for legs. Thanks for a great Challenge, Kristen! Andrea H

Can’t wait to continue with you – unanimous family vote 4-0 with keeping you in our life. You’ve made a big impact! I enjoyed the virtual group too. Christie R

I love your positivity and the way you make each person feel a connection to you. You made the challenge fun and doable for all levels. I could relate to you because even though I was struggling you made comments during the workout that you were out of breath or sweating or sore too. It made me think you were right here to carry me through the struggle to the end. Sheryl D

I feel stronger! I like that my abs are getting attention again and my arms are getting more defined between the 14-day Quarantine Program and the Spring Reset Challenge. Mary M

I feel so good doing your programs and a friend saw a definite change in my body! I can certainly see and feel it! I’ve been walking every day too, feeling great! Anna B

What will your new normal be?

As we ease back into our ‘normal’ over the next several weeks and months, we have the rare opportunity to recreate our lives.

We’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what we miss. Time to prioritize what is most important to us. So as life slowly begins to shift back to work and school, social events, and commitments, we have choices.

We can say YES to the things that serve us.

And we can say NO to the things that do not.

It’s as simple as that.

In the spirit of health and well-being. I hope you will say YES to yourself. Creating space in your day for those walks you’ve loved so much. For the quality family time. Committing a few days a week to get stronger mentally and physically – whatever that means to you. Because YOU are the most important person in your life. You. When you are feeling great, everybody around you benefits. 

Start making those choices in your head now, so you are ready when they are right in front of you. Because they will be. And you’ll be ready.

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