Christina: Ayurveda meets TrainerKristen

My bestie is the TK member of the month! This is so exciting! I first met Christina when she was my Bikram yoga instructor in 2006. We most definitely started off on the right foot in the wellness department. Over the years, I have seen her health and fitness journey expand and flourish. This November day in 2021, I could not be more proud of her commitment to fitness. I am humbled to be such a big part of her workout world. Her trust in my expertise and her open mind to try new things make me smile SO big! She actually laughs at my silly comments in videos (she knows some by heart), she gives me amazing feedback, she even provides me with requests to make specific videos (which have been a huge hit, by the way!) Having her as a part of the TK community has been inspiring to me and motivational to so many others. Keep it up, Christina! Your dedication influences busy moms and entrepreneurs to make themselves and their health a priority – and that makes our world a better place. xo TK

Christina’s Story

I first met Kristen in a Bikram Yoga class in 2006. She was my yoga student and I was her first yoga teacher. We both shared a love for healthy living with a side of fun and 15 years later, I am grateful to call her my best friend. I’ve always loved her enthusiasm and passion for movement and in 2010 we decided to “trade” services. I would guide her Ayurvedic nutritional journey and she would change up my fitness routine to include more strength training and cardio. Finding time to exercise as a new mom with a newborn was a challenge but Kristen showed me how to be efficient with workouts and gave me a routine that felt manageable and sustainable. When she started her online DIY program, I was the first to jump in!

I love the combination and variety of the workouts and the flexibility of being able to do them at home. A big bonus is that my kids and husband will sometimes join me and I know it’s creating a positive influence in their lives too! I’ve completed every challenge and enjoy the community support. This past June, Kristen became even more instrumental to me after almost a year of unexplained low back pain. I discovered through a not-so-pleasant gym experience that I had an L5 S1 herniation. WAH! It’s definitely been a journey of self-healing and I honestly couldn’t have done it without her knowledge and attention to form. The ironic thing is, I actually feel better today than I did BEFORE I injured my back. I no longer have chronic pain and I know it’s because I am consistent with my TK videos!

Kristen has helped me find a routine that includes low impact cardio, lower and upper body strength, Pilates, and spine exercises that have all been helpful for my recovery. I walk every day and feel stronger than I ever have! I am motivated to move every day thanks to Kristen! 

~ Christina Vargas,