Kristina – Thriving with TK!

Kristen has been my biggest cheerleader, especially when I couldn’t be my own. She knew that taking the time for myself would not only make me feel good physically, but would benefit my whole self. Her TK90 program has been my saving grace during Covid times and I’m thankful for the challenging workouts, consistency of the program, variety of videos, and for Kristen’s accountability and positive attitude! ~ Kristina

From Kristen:

When I think of Kristina, I think of authenticity.  She has completed several months of the TK90 program this year! And what a year it has been. Kristina has always been honest with herself and with me regarding her emotions and where she was mentally with all that 2020 has brought.  That honesty allowed me to support her the best I could. Which meant letting her know that missing or choosing to skip a workout was 100% OKAY! Something as simple as this kind of reinforcement can take the guilt away and bring relief instead. Life happens, after all!

At Kristina’s core, she knows the workouts are HER time. And taking the time for herself makes her feel better and benefits everybody around her…which was pretty close proximity lately! She would always jump right back into her program and feel the immediate benefits. THIS is the most important thing. Jumping BACK IN instead of giving up. Kristina’s resilience has been extremely inspiring to watch!

These last several weeks, I have seen Kristina make herself a priority and really thrive! With her 2 boys doing virtual school, she has to be energized to wear all the different hats. And she is doing it with grace.  I am extremely proud of you, Kristina. Keep it up. You are an absolute joy to work with!