Kelly – making her fitness journey a lasting lifestyle.

Kelly has been an absolute joy to have as an online client! Kudos to her being open to a friend’s recommendation about me, then jumping right in! She was ready for a change but knew we needed to start her off slow to really make her fitness journey a lasting lifestyle. She was dedicated from day 1! I mean…she often finishes her workouts while I am still deep in my REM sleep! She inspires me with her drive to be healthy for her own physical and mental health, but also to be the best she can be for her family. You are a breath of fresh air, Kelly and I appreciate you every single day!

I feel so lucky to have been introduced to Kristen and her TK90 program at what was really just the perfect time. After I had my second child, I was struggling (haha to say the least) to find a way to get working out back into my day to day. Before her program, I was disappointing myself each time I promised myself to go run/workout but then couldn’t make it work. When my friend told me about Kristen and I first spoke with her, it just felt immediately like a fit. I truly feel no other program could fit more perfectly into my routine. With two kids and working full time, her program allows me to work out each morning in my living room (sometimes very early and often without even having to put on shoes). She built a program that slowly but consistently got me back into working out first 3, then 4 and now 5 days a week. Her emails after I mark a workout completed holds me accountable, and her approach is so motivating! Kristen makes it fun and makes me look forward to my new videos. I feel stronger every day, but even more important than the physical have been the mental and emotional benefits. I just feel better and more like “me” again. Thank you Kristen for what you do for all of us. It makes such a difference.

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