Lacy’s 6-month online fitness journey

Online clients like Lacy, make my ‘job’ a total joy. The dedication to her health has been incredibly inspiring to watch over the past 6 months. When I think of somebody who takes action, I think of Lacy. Never an excuse with this one. She made the choice long ago that she would put herself first to be a better teacher, mom, and wife. That means getting in her daily workout, yoga, Pilates, or stretch PLUS her daily walk. Having her TK programs ready to go in her account just makes it easy, requires less thought, and even saves on travel time to and from a gym or studio to allow for her daily walk. She creates the time and just gets it done.

Lacy’s consistency is seen in the results she has experienced and her amazing attitude. Her comments in my daily reports are always funny, uplifting, and positive. I am proud to call Lacy a TK client and friend and am excited to continue to work with her for months to come!

I discovered Trainer Kristen in January when I signed up for her Winter Challenge. It was such a great way to kickstart my goals for the New Year! Though I always workout, I was in a bit of a rut. What I loved about the Challenge was that on days I wouldn’t normally workout, it made me do something! A short video and a walk each day were truly what I needed to add to my usual routine to see a difference.

Since that challenge, I have completed 3 different TK30 programs, the Spring Challenge, and have recently begun my TK90 program. I love Kristen’s videos because they are challenging, efficient, and she offers such a variety of exercises. I can be more challenged at home when I have the equipment, but she makes it possible to work out when traveling with no equipment.

Kristen is fun, encouraging, and motivates me to get moving every day! I feel better and my clothes fit better after 6 months of Trainer Kristen’s workouts.

Right now is the perfect time to have an amazing at-home online fitness workout, and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the gym when I can do this in my own time at home!

~ Lacy