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14-Day Quarantine Fitness Program

March 18, 2020

By popular demand! 🙋🏼‍♀️ A 14-Day Quarantine Fitness Program. 💪🏼 So you didn’t get to go on your […]

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Bend It Like Beckham

March 02, 2020

Here is a quick side lateral movement workout you can do, then get to yoga & Pilates for all the bending!

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Winter Fitness Challenge Recap

February 03, 2020

The 14-Day Winter Fitness Challenge last month was so much fun and a huge success […]

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Trey Athletes meets Trainer Kristen

January 29, 2020

Volunteering had never been a top priority for me. Though I knew it would be […]

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Winter Challenge Recipe Share

January 20, 2020

Our challengers are stepping up their game this winter and have been sharing some wonderful […]

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Breakfast Tacos

January 13, 2020

Easy and yummy recipe! 428 calories for 2 breakfast tacos. Pretty darn clean and filling!

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Online Personal Training – Tiffany

December 26, 2019

Tiffany has been the model client. She was previously a Pilates student of mine and […]

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Brian Mark Podcast with Kristen Hawkinson

December 07, 2019

I had the best time on Brian Mark’s online personal trainer podcast last month, I […]

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Salmon Risotto

October 29, 2019

Wild-caught sockeye salmon and butternut squash cauliflower rice risotto – both from Trader Joe’s Knox/Henderson […]

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Online Personal Training – Q&A with Corinne

September 08, 2019

Since beginning her online personal training journey, Corinne has been an absolute joy to work […]

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June 06, 2019 is OPEN for Business! The next phase of my career is now in motion! […]

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Dallas Yoga & Fitness Festival

April 08, 2019

The Dallas Yoga & Fitness Festival had it’s 2nd annual event this year on Saturday April 6th at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Downtown Dallas.  Several hundred motivated people came out to experience the array of classes offered throughout the morning in this beautiful space!

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Nutrition Conversation & Action

March 27, 2019

What should I eat? How often should I eat? How much should I eat? Can […]

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Yin Yoga

March 19, 2019

My friend and colleague, Christina Vargas, excitedly told me she was about to begin a […]

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Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup

March 01, 2019

Prep 10 min | Cook 60 min | Serves 4-6 I am not a chef […]

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